A Cognitive Approach to Situation Awareness: Theory and Application

Situation Awareness or SA: we can all imagine what is meant by that. It means that you are aware of the situation around you, for example, when you are flying on a plane or driving a car. SA has become more and more important in predicting how operators,
such as pilots, function.

Situation Awareness or SA: we can allimagine what is meant by that. Itmeans that you are aware of the situationaround you, for example, whenyou are flying on a plane or driving acar. SA has become more and moreimportant in predicting how operators,such as pilots, function.

Design of a supply-chain Quality Logistics Model

By Twan Duivenvoorden

By what means can Airbus improve cooperation with its suppliers regarding supply chain delivery efforts? Twan wrote his final thesis at the Airbus site in Hamburg about this basic question. the Kraljic-matrix was used to select a strategy in determining when to perform which quality and planning assuring efforts, and when to delegate to or collaborate with suppliers.

Optimal Configuration of Airport Passenger Terminals

This work presents an evaluation of walking distances and construction costs for airport passenger terminals as a function of the four configuration concepts mentioned in airport theory literature (pier, satellite, linear, and transporter), and as a function of various demand levels. The results provided are useful for airport planners to assist them in the economic and operational assessment of building alternatives for new airport passenger terminals.

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The Graduate: Peter Oosterbeek


Airport of the World: Berlin Tempelhof

Tempelhof airport is one of three airports in Berlin, apart from Tegel and Schönefeld. The construction of the new main airport of Berlin, Berlin Brandenburg International (BBI), will replace the three existing airports. The question is: can one airport handle the whole capacity of the Berlin metropolis?

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Airline of the World: Air Transat

When looking at the tarmac of Canadian airports, one particular scheduled charter line stands out: Air Transat, which seems to be thriving. This Airline of the World takes a look behind the scenes of Air Transat and to learn something about seat inventory control as well.


Ranging Capabilities

The different views of more frequencies against more capacity. With aircraft manufacturers now offering aircraft with more range but also with more capacity, airlines are now determining whether the hub and spoke philosophy or the point-to-point philosophy is the best strategy to follow.

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