Issue 27

President’s Speech

A Questionnaire Survey on the Impact of Alliances on Airline Operations

by Dr. Kostas Iatrou

At the age of globalisation, world’s airlines are under pressure to both offer seamless global service and enter new markets and be flexible enough to adapt quickly to the economic environment and to the changing customer needs. Thus, airlines have proceeded to the creation of alliances, which have radically changed the air transport industry structure, so as to enable themselves to cope with the inherent instability of the sector and to reap as many benefits as possible.

Aircraft Noise Perception in Brazil: the Sao Paulo International Airport Case-Study

By Rogéria A.G. Eller, Ligia M. S. Urbina and Protógenes Pires Porto, Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica – ITA

Aircraft noise perception is related to several variables that are tangible and objective, such as the number of operations and flight schedules. Other variables, otherwise, are subjective, such as social and economic preferences.

Slot Ownership and Leasing: Ideas for a Self-Implementing European Reform

by Erwin von den Steinen

This paper explores the idea of a different and more market-driven approach to slot ownership. To date, airport slot policy in the European Union remains controversial and intricately regulated. But this method has not led to an efficient use of limited resources or much less helped stimulate new supply. Thus, its time for a new approach, and in this article Erwin von den Steinen presents a recipe for getting from ‘Here to There’: Ten Elements of a Market-Driven Transition Model.

Allocating Airport Slots: a Combinatorial Auction Mechnism

by Nicolas Gruyer and Nathalie Lenoir, ENAC France

This article is about the current allocation of slots on congested European airport. In their eyes the system of grandfather rights constitutes an obstacle to the effective liberalisation of air transportation undertaken in Europe. The authors propose to use a market mechanism, based on temporary utilisation licences.

Wake Turbulence

by Captain Puri from India

What is wake turbulence and when does it occur? This article provides us with some interesting insights in a facet of flying, which actually happens outside the corporate building…

Airport of the World: Funchal Airport, Madeira

by Jurjan Knol

In this summer issue of Airport of the World, we will take you to the Portuguese island of Madeira, situated 980 kilometers south-west of Lisbon in the Atlantic Ocean. Approaching the airport by air provides a fantastic view of the island and the interesting runway construction. Driving across the island, thereby passing the airport is also an amazing experience as you literally drive under the runway construction.

The Graduate: Gert-Jan Hermelink

Airline of the World: Emirates Airlines

by Roger Cannegieter

The Government of the United Arab Emirates in May of 1985 founded emirates Airlines with two leased aircraft. Since then it has grown into one of the largest airlines of the Middle East and has become a true and recognized global player in the worldwide airline industry. Roger Cannegieter reports about this prestigious airline.

Ashgate Book Review: “Airline Finance by Peter S. Morrell”

by Krzystof Rycombel

Krzysztof Rycombel from Poland reviewed this book which he calls it a well written text providing the essentials to understanding all areas of airline finance and can be treated as a key resource for students of airline management.

Ashgate Book Review: “Simpli-Flying – Optimizing the Airline Business Model by Nawal K. Taneja”

by Boubby Grin

From the first line in his latest book on airline strategies: Why would anyone want to run an airline? until his closing remarks, in which he urges the airline industry to focus and learn from other industries, Nawal Taneja sets out with his “Simpli-Flying” to ‘send a message, not a rude awakening that the old business model is broken.’ However, he makes clear that the business model is broken, and his message is – if not rude – at least very firmly voiced.

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