The Graduate: Jasper Spruit MSc

The Graduate: Jasper Spruit MSc

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Book Review: Airline Marketing & Management by Stephen Shaw

By Jasper Spruit

In his book Airline Marketing and Management, Stephen Shaw gives a very insightful look on airline marketing. Using many case studies and examples from the industry, he emphasizes the importance and the use of airline marketing.

Low-cost Airline Engends Low-Cost Airport

by Jasper Spruit

This spring both the director of Rotterdam Airport (RA) and the director of Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) discussed the topic “low-cost airlines” in their respective airport magazines. It is interesting to further study the different views on the role of low-cost carriers in the development of these two airports. Economics student from Erasmus University Rotterdam Jasper Spruit about the engender of low-cost airlines on airports.

Airport of the World: Hamburg Airport

by Jasper Spruit MSc and David Liebert

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