Issue 16

Jet Link
After being a sales agent for many years, serving other airlines, Jet Link now started their own airlines. Jet Link has engaged its operations in begin September with their newly transformed Airbus A-300, another plane has been ordered. This beautiful example of entrepreneur ship was a good reason for our reporters to interview the President/owner of Jet Link, Mr Sobhy Abdel-Messeh.

FIF ’98: Flexibility in Flight
On 26 June last the NLC organized a symposium on the flexibility in their modern premises in Hoofddorp. An interesting approach to make students aware of the importance of being flexible in the world of aviation.

Aerius in Dubai
What does the Jebel Ali Free Zone, the Dubai Cargo Village, Abu Dhabi, souks, and Fedex have in common? You will find them all in the United Arab Emirates. In May last, a group enthusiastic Aerius’ members boarded an EVA Air flight to Dubai on the second Aerius’ intercontinental studytrip and saw it all!

Air Canada
As homage to the pioneers who back in 1937 started Trans-Canada Airlines, Air Canada painted one of its Airbus A319 in the genuine metallic colours of its predecessor TCA. A nice unification of a rich his-tory and modern tech-nology, marking Air Canada’s development in sixty years. As a partner in the Star Alliance, the Air Canada’s modern fleet connects Canada with the entire world.

The first World Air Transport Training conference and trade show (WATS) is the result of a first attempt to bring the aviation training community into a productive discussion about the challenges ahead and exchange of information about important players in the Civil Aviation Training -field Civil Aviation Training journal.

Airport Privatization
Astrid van der Wal, business analyst at Schiphol International B.V. and Edwin Hengstmengel explain that, despite several incentives, the US follow ‘leader’ Europe rather reluctantly. Contrary to the European situation, delays can be expected in the US and the implications for various stakeholders are briefly outlined.

Montreal Dorval Airport
Together with Mirabel Airport, Montreal Dorval forms the ‘Aéroports de Montreal’. Last year the airport handled  6,843,242 passengers and counted 195,193 movements. Dorval, which lies 20 minutes from downtown Montreal, employs approximately 18,000.

Low-Cost Simulation at the Royal Aeronautical Society
The Royal Aeronautical Society (RaeS) organized a 2-day conference on the theme of new opportunities in flight training. At the very beginning of the conference Mr Rudy Frasca was put in the spotlight: the RAeS recognized his contributions to aviation training by their traditional award.

Thank You for Flying TWA
Having tried unsuccessfully to secure a work placement with an airline, in the course of my studies, Tommy Almgren was delighted to find out that his school had a roundabout connection with Trans World Airlines in St. Louis Missouri.

World Conference on Transport Research
The WCTR is one of world’s most important conferences on transport research intending to provide an overview of the latest developments in research on a wide range of transport topics.

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