Essay Bundle on Air Transport & Public Policy

The book that Aerlines Magazine has published on Air Transport & Public Policy has been reviewed in the Journal of Air Transport Management.JATM


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Limited Possibilities to Reduce CO2 Emissions from Aviation due to the Growth in Aviation Demand

1-aviation co2Aviation today is deeply embedded in society. Already for a long period of time, demand for aviation has been increasing. This is good news for travellers, who can fly for a relative small amount of money to many destinations all around the world. The growth of the aviation industry is also good news for airport operators, airlines and aircraft manufacturers, as they see their yearly turnover increasing.

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2.1 – Sustainability in Air Transportation; an Introduction

By Bart Boon

bart-boonSustainability is a term widely used in many different contexts. Four OECD criteria are shortly described: regeneration, substitutability, assimilation and avoiding irreversibility. Alternatively, Boon addressed the issue of sustainability from a neo-classical social welfare perspective. His statement: as long as the environmental impacts are externalities and are not expressed in prices and costs for the aviation sector, it is unrealistic that airlines and airports will make the choices that maximise social welfare. In addition, national governments have mixed incentives and a large part of the social costs, the costs of climate change, will occur outside of the country. Will the European Commission be the right party to incentivise the sector?

Noise Annoyance – A Socio-Political Approach

In our previous Issue, Bröer presented research findings of his PhD research project showing that noise annoyance is triggered and shaped by noise annoyance policy itself. Research findings of the Amsterdam Schiphol and Zurich Kloten cases discussed in Issue 37 are put into a global perspective in this article.

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