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storm-cloudsOverview Page – Scienceguide – Aerlines Book on “Public Policy & Air Transport” What should the future direction of the air transport industry be? E-Journals ScienceGuide and Aerlines Magazine have published a book containing 21 innovative opinions of experts from around the globe. Written in essay form, these expert opinions have been bundled in a book entitled ‘Blue Skies or Storm Clouds’, which was published earlier this month. Introduction.

Theme I: Air Transport Policy in an International Context
1.1 – Policy Developments in the Airline Sector By Peter Nijkamp
1.2 – Europe and Developments in the Transatlantic Air Market By Kenneth Button
1.3 – The EU – U.S. Aviation Agreement: New Possibilities and Remaining Challenges By Peter van Fenema
1.4 – A New Step towards Global Liberalization: the Creation of a Regional, Transatlantic Market for Air Transport Services By Pablo Mendes de Leon
1.5 – Regulation: It’s a Tough Job, But Somebody’s Got to Do It By Athar Husain Khan and David Henderson

Theme II: Sustainability and Environmental Issues in Air Transport
2.1 – Sustainability in Air Transportation; an Introduction By Bart Boon
2.2 – Glocal Complexity and Airport Planning: Towards a More Relational Planning Approach By Bart de Jong
2.3 – Aviation Policy Options for not Exceeding the EU +2 ◦C Threshold By Paul Upham, Alice Bows, Kevin Anderson and John Broderick
2.4 – Eco-tax implementation: Environmental Benefits without Competitive Disadvantages? By Narisra Limtanakool, Ruud Ummels and Sebastiaan de Stigter
2.5 – Passenger Tax: Involvement of International Aviation in the Levying of Consumer Taxes By Carlijn Jonkman
2.6 – Aircraft Noise – Disturbance, Perception and Policy Implications at Regional Airports By Callum Thomas, Janet Maughan, Paul Hooper and Ken Hume

Theme III: Challenges of Airport and Regional Policy
3.1 – Selectivity in Air Transportation: Restrict, Influence or Choose By Bouke Veldman
3.2 – The Position of Schiphol as a Freight Hub – Adding Value in Economic and Logistic Networks By Edwin Koster and Paul Bleumink
3.3 – The importance of Schiphol Mainport for the North Wing of the Randstad: The Schiphol Paradox By Geert Boosten
3.4 – Regional Airports: Quality versus Quantity By Hans Heerkens
3.5 – Spatial implications of Airport Policy for Regional Airports: A sustainable Future? By Hugo Gordijn
3.6 – Regional Airport Subsidies in Europe: Good Public Policy? By Peter Forsyth

Theme IV: Intermodality: Rail, High Speed Rail and Seaport Opportunities
4.1 – Air versus High-Speed Rail in Europe By Nicole Adler
4.2 – Air/Rail Intermodality in Europe: Experiences and Prospects By Wolfgang Grimme
4.3 – The Role of the Railway in the Future of Air Transport By Moshe Givoni
4.4 – Airports and Seaports: Common Misunderstandings about Direct Transfer Flows By Hugo Roos

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