Book Review: The Passenger Has Gone Digital and Mobile by Nawal Taneja

the-passenger-has-gone-digital-and-mobile-200x300The internet revolution in mid 1990s has made the customer “king”. But actually this claim has not been realized as effectively as in the recent years as mobile technologies gathered pace along with social media applications. The aviation guru Nawal Taneja successfully explains this phenomenon in his book, which is the 7th of a series began in 2002. He emphasizes the changing relation between companies and their customers as new technologies enable them to rule the market.

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Every Passenger a V.I.P.

This presentation was held at the AMconference, late 2010 at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

Let’s Be Social at 30,000 Feet!

social_mediaco-author: Ana Maria Munar

This exploratory article maps airline use of social- media platforms. Four categories are suggested to describe firms’ overall behavior on social- media platforms. The authors categorize the content that 12 airlines post on two well-known social- media platforms using the Promotional Marketing Mix framework. Airlines are categorized as full-service or low-cost carriers and by their number of posts. The results show that there is a wide variety of use among all types of carriers, and that airlines should formulate clear, inclusive marketing strategies for their social- media presence to improve cohesion.

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KLM’s Social Media Surprise

KLM has become a heavy Twitter user. Now they’ve awarded passengers who announced their KLM flight with a little surprise, see also the short movie below. To what extend to you think airlines should use social media to enhance the customer’s experience?

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