Issue 44

The Regional Impact of Airports: How Can We Measure It?

by: Dr. Robert Malina and Christoph Wollersheim

wollersheim In most countries, the majority of airports depend on public funding. Local politicians, airport managers and other advocates of regional aviation habitually justify their intentions by referring to studies that demonstrate the importance of the particular airport for the regional economy. There does not seem to be a clear consensus. In this paper, we therefore analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the three major approaches and their applicability to the quantification of the economic impact of airports.

Customer Loyalty in the Airline Business: Towards a Blueprint for Valuable, Relevant and Differentiating Loyalty Programs

by Brian Goehring, Anand Janardhan and Maureen Stancik Boyce

customer loyaltyCustomer loyalty programs in the airline business have suffered as airlines have been hit with multiple challenges over the past few years – bankruptcies, increasing fuel prices, an increasing number of competitors and deteriorating customer satisfaction. As a result, the industry risks further commoditization, while other industries continue to innovate. Many travel customers feel trapped, remaining loyal primarily to avoid losing status and accumulated rewards.

Land Use at Privatized Australian Airports – Classification and Analyses

by Nicholas Stevens and Arron Walker

stevens In recent years, the air transport industry has experienced unprecedented growth, driven by strong local and global economies. Airport owners and operators will continue to be faced with challenging business environment. In response, many airports, in this case Australia, recognize the value in diversifying their revenue streams through a variety of landside property developments within the airport boundary. The aim of this preliminary research is to identify and categorize on-airport developments to assist airport and municipal planners in Australia understanding the current extent and category of on-airport land use.vrom_logo This article is part of the collaboration between Aerlines Magazine and the Dutch Ministry for Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment (VROM).

Assessing the Economic Importance of Airports and the Air Transport Cluster in Belgium

By Franziska Kupfer and Frédéric Lagneaux

antwerp airport In the past few years, the logistics business has come to play a significant role in. Air transport and airports in particular are driving forces in creating added value in the Benelux. Not only in terms of business generated within the air transport cluster, but also in terms of airports’ attractiveness. A close look at the top 20 cargo airports in Europe in 2006, shows us that three of the six Belgian airports are included in that list. Brussels Airport and Liège Airport occupy places 6 and 8 respectively. In this paper we assess in-depth the economic importance of airports and the air transport cluster in Belgium.

Book Review: Managing the Skies – Public Policy, Organization and Financing of Air Traffic Management

A book review by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

managing_the_skiesThis book, authored by two distinguished experts on the subject of air traffic management and finance and economics respectively, reflects a balanced blend of professional experience and academic research. This fusion serves the reader well in obtaining a thorough understanding of air traffic management in the introduction to the book, which acts as an enabler towards understanding a wide spectrum of air traffic systems and their complex technical aspects, which are explained in clear, unpretentious and eminently comprehensible language.

Book Review: Aviation and Tourism – Implications for Leisure Travel

A book review by Lomme Devriendt

aviation_tourismAs the characteristics and needs of leisure travelers differ so much from those of business travelers, a separate consideration of the relationships between the aviation and tourism market is required if a detailed understanding of the leisure-driven air travel market is to be gained. No less than 26 distinguished experts in the domain of aviation and tourism were invited by Anne Graham, Andreas Papatheodorou, and Peter Forsyth to contribute to this intriguing theme in the book ‘Aviation and Tourism’.

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