Issue 21


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Joint Strike Fighter

By Bram du Saar M.A.

The way a country organises its defence policy or particpates in international military operations is nowadays heavily determined by political decisions. However, when it comes to actually engaging the enemy, it's still the 'hardware' that most importantly determines if victory will be ours! Therefore, it's clear that helping to develop or manufacture armaments, like new fighter jets, can be of strategic and economic importance to a country. However, does this also hold for the Dutch?

Privatization of the Canadian Air Traffic Control

By Arik Suissa

This article will present a short description of the creation of the private Air Traffic Control organizations in Canada, its considerations that led to the privatization and a short description of the situation today. It is based on a report written on behalf of the Dutch Directorate General of Civil Aviation for which Jaap Bouwer, Laurens Bomhof, Sietse Helder and Arik Suissa have researched this process during a study trip to Canada organized by Aerius in May 2001. They spoke to representatives of, amongst others, Transport Canada (government), NAV Canada, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA). The actual writing and completion of this research was done in Amsterdam back from the study trip. The authors are students of Economics at the University of Amsterdam. 

Airport of the World: Bangkok Don Muang

By Patrick Post

Bangkok Airport is one of the 30 largest airports in the world. According to the technical division of the Airport Authority of Thailand, more than 29 million passengers and around 940.000 tons of cargo were handled at Don Muang in 2000. In fact it is the airport with the most scheduled airlines in south-east Asia.

Conference Report: The Future of Air Transport

By Willem-Jan Zondag

Without any doubt, the future of air transport itself is the hottest issue in our industry today. In a competitive environment where several airlines ceased their operations and others had to announce cost (job)-cuttings due to an economic downturn in general, overcapacity on some routes, the foot and mouth disease in other cases, and last but certainly not least the horror of September 11th, it is a bit of an understatement to say that the airline business is under an enormous pressure.

Aerius Update: Prof. Pieter Bouw lectures

By Roger Cannegieter and Amrita Bose

On October 11th, Aerius was proud to present Professor Pieter Bouw, former CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, for an evening lecture at the University of Amsterdam. For those of you who were not able to come that evening, Aerlines will try to summarize this interesting lecture.

Book Review: Globalization and Human Resource Management in the Airline Industry by Jack Eaton

Review by Amrita Bose

It has been a while since Aerlines Published the last book review. From now on book reviews will be a regularly returning feature in your Aerlines. To begin with in this issue: Globalization and Human Resource Management in the Airline Industry by Jack Eaton.

The Graduate: Alex Klein

Airline of the World: Dutch Caribbean Express

By Roger Cannegieter

On August the 4th Dutch Caribbean Express celebrated the rollout of their first aircraft, a Bombardier Dash-8-311. On this ceremony the airline's new colour scheme featuring the "Kayena flower" (Hibiscus) was also unveiled. Dutch Caribbean Express is the name of the new airline of island of Curacao. The airline's aim is to start full operations before the end of this year. Dutch Caribbean Express will start operating flights between the islands of Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. Plans are to dissolve Air ALM's operations into Dutch Caribbean Express before the end of this year. Starting this new airline was not an easy process.

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