Issue 24

Future Requirements and Concepts for Cabins of Blended Wing Body Configurations – a scenario-based approach

by Stephan Eelman et al.

With a scenario of a strong aviation business growth of around 4,7% p.a. in the next thirty years passenger volumes will multiply by a factor of at least two-and-a-half until the year 2020 [1] and almost quadruple ten years later. To cope with such a high demand requires new aircraft configurations to ensure and improve operational efficiency, productivity and customer value in a highly competitive market environment. A promising future aircraft configuration for this purpose is the blended wing body (BWB) with a reasonable chance to enter the market by 2030. Scenarios for a promising future aircraft configuration. Research carried out by Stephan Eelman et al., TU München.

Airport of the World: Hamburg Airport

by Jasper Spruit MSc and David Liebert

ATRS – Air Transport Research Society 2003

by Willem-Jan Zondag

This year’s ATRS edition was held in a very hot and sunny Toulouse, ‘le Capitale Aeronautique de France’. Toulouse is not only the aviation capital of France, but even of Europe as many aviation related organizations have their home base there. Of course, a very remarkable Toulouse-based organization is Airbus Industry, where the participants got a technical guided tour through the manufacturing site on the first conference day. This day was closed with a welcome reception in the beautiful city hall of Toulouse.

The Graduate: Jacco Hakfoort

Low-cost airline engends low-cost airport

by Jasper Spruit

This spring both the director of Rotterdam Airport (RA) and the director of Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) discussed the topic “low-cost airlines” in their respective airport magazines. It is interesting to further study the different views on the role of low-cost carriers in the development of these two airports. Economics student from Erasmus University Rotterdam Jasper Spruit about the engender of low-cost airlines on airports.

Aerius Lecture: KLM cityhopper & KLM uk

by Ton Bakels

Ton Bakels reports about a lecture by Mrs. Elfrieke van Galen, Managing Director of KLM cityhopper about legal implications of the integration of KLM cityhopper & KLM uk.

By Roger Cannegieter

The 7E7 is intended to replace 757, 767 and A300 aircraft. Boeing was looking to fill up the gap between the 737NG and 777, which up until now, was the 757/767 combination. Many people don’t see the 757/767 as an old aircraft, but the 757/767 hasn’t been selling well the last few years. Airlines are loosing interest in the 757/767 and the 757/767 productions was even threatened to be closed all together if no more sales were coming in from customers. This made Boeing decide to come up with an all-new aircraft featuring the latest in aviation technologies, explaining the ‘dolphin-like’ design of the 7E7. Editor Roger Cannegieter about the decision made by Boeing to come up with an all-new aircraft featuring the latest in aviation technologies.

Ashgate book review: “Cockpit Displays: test and evaluation”

Review by Axel Boland

Axel Boland discusses the book “Cockpit Displays: test and evaluation” by Richard L. Newman and Kevin W. Greeley.

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