Issue 39

The Problem of Uncertainty in Airport Master Planning

By Jan Kwakkel


Airport strategic planning (ASP) focuses on the development of plans for the medium-term and long-term development of an airport. Master Planning (AMP) results in a Master Plan that ‘presents the planner’s conception of the ultimate development of a specific airport’. Jan Kwakkel argues that finding new ways to deal with the different uncertainties surrounding the future is a key issue in air transport research.

Book Preview Policy Opportunities Civil Aviation

By Daan de Jong, Bram Kaashoek & Willem-Jan Zondag

Early 2008, the Aerlines Magazine Foundation will publish its first book that addresses important contemporary policy areas of today’s air transport industry. The book contains contributions from a number of highly respected experts on the field who share their expertise. To give you a glimpse on the content of this book, we herewith provide you with a short introduction.

An investigation of potential brand conflicts between Air France and KLM

By Farhan Abdi

Cranfield student Farhan Abdi has investigated whether brand conflicts exist between the merged carriers Air France and KLM. This article reflects Abdi’ research and presents the findings of the survey that was part of the research. Abdi also provide recommendations in order to reduce any brand conflicts identified.

The Impact of New Type Air Services, i.e. Low Cost Services; on the Transfer Passengers Market in Germany

By Dieter Wilken & Peter Berster

This paper deals with the question of whether or not new services, i.e. low-cost services and intercontinental services that bypass hubs, have any influence on the airline and route choice of passengers. The authors conclude their contribution with an indication about the future role of hub airports on the one side, and of secondary airports on the other side.

An Overview of Development and Traffic Flow at Bandaranayke International Airport in Sri Lanka

By A.K. Somasundaraswaran

Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) is Sri Lanka’s only gateway to facilitate international flights, located 32 kilometres away from Colombo city. In order to satisfy ever increasing demand, BIA has been continuously developing its infrastructure. As a result, A.K. Somasundaraswaran expects the airport will soon be identified as a major hub airport in South Asia.

Using Analytic Hierarchy Process for Analysis and Choice of Brazilian Cargo Airlines

By Miguelangelo Geimba de Lima et. al

The authors of this paper present a methodology for analysis of relevant criteria and the choice of domestic cargo airlines. They believe that the results of this work will be directly useful to airports, cargo terminals, air freight forwarders, highway transport companies, and airlines.

Book Review: Airline Choices for the Future – From Alliances to Mergers By Kostas Iatrou and Mauro Oretti

Review by Dr. Angela Cheng-Jui Lu

The formation of alliances and the combining of forces between airlines through mergers or acquisitions have become an unavoidable trend, due to limitations on obtaining traffic rights and resources. Airline alliance expert Angela Lu reviewed this book and concludes that the publication of this book is timely and the authors’ insightful observations are highly useful.

Book Review: Buying the Big Jets by Paul Clark

Review by Dr. Hans Heerkens

Buying a new fleet of jetliners must surely be the most daunting task any airline executive may face. Paul Clark shows us the countless aspects that need to be taken into consideration in the aircraft acquisition process, says Hans Heerkens. Clark does so without taking away the mystery of what it takes to handle the many intangibles.

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