Summer Issue 2008

Reaching the end of the Summer, Aerlines Magazine wants to share with you some exciting holiday impressions. Afterwards, we would like to give you a glimpse of what you might expect from us this autumn. We hope you’ve enjoyed your Summer holiday as much as we did! This Summer, we have decided to publish some sunny stories on exotic issues.

Fijian Aviation – Future Imperfect

Aviation and tourism are closely associated in the South Pacific. South Pacific Island Microstates built their tourism industries and grew their economies by capturing the benefits from early trans-Pacific airline operations that needed island waypoints for refueling. Later, advances in aircraft technology enabled non-stop trans-Pacific services. Faced then with prospects of marginalization from overflying by the major carriers, flag airlines of island microstates responded by themselves flying to the main Pacific Rim gateway airports, in the process boosting their visibility in key markets. A succession of military coups in Fiji hit their tourism image badly. A new generation of ultra long-haul aircraft may again place Fiji in a strategic position to boost its tourism economy if the inhibiting factor of military rule can be resolved. Christopher Kissling from Australia takes a closer look on the impact of aviation on tourism developments of Fiji, an island located in the South Pacific.

Caribbean Aviation Market: “Chasing the Sun”

Sandy beaches, blue waters, clear skies, or isn’t it? Just like the rest of the world the Caribbean is experiencing difficult times because of record high oil prices and a softening economy in the United States. The economic slowdown is impacting the ability for airlines to secure yield improvements. Major cuts have been announced by the major United States based airlines and analysts fear more will follow. As the United States is the most important market to many Caribbean islands, the news of cuts in routes and frequencies by major United States airlines are giving worries to the Caribbean region but is it really that bad? Cruising to the Caribbean, Roger Cannegieter from Curacao takes a closer look at airline announcements, current developments and opportunities that might rise in the Caribbean market.

Druk Air – Royal Bhutan Airlines

Bhutan’s national airline Druk Air shares several qualities with its country of origin: one of the smallest, youngest and most exotic in the world. The Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, a landlocked country between China and India, was still closed and isolated from the world not too long ago. Rafal Wodziczko from Poland examines the business of Bhutan’s national airline Druk Air.

Finally, we would like to invite you reading the latest column of Professor Swidler entitled “A Remarkable Summer in the Airline Industry” and complete the corresponding Survey afterwards.

One Response to Summer Issue 2008

  1. I’m looking for Rafal Wodziczko. We spoke by email last year. And now his email address is not available. Can you ask me to send me an email ?
    Thanks a lot
    Emmanuel Guillaud – GEnetvision

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