Issue 29

by Stephan Eelman et al.
The air traffic market is on average growing steadily with high annual rates. However, infrastructure capacity in the air transport system is hardly keeping pace, resulting in unacceptable delay situations. Stephan Eelman about the scenario process “Airport Capacity Europe 2020”

by Dr. Kenneth Button
Few airlines have proved to be good long-term investment in liberalized markets. As a whole the United States’ airlines have failed to earn an overall profit since the passing of the Airline Deregulation Act, and the European industry has done little better. Dr. Button about the failings of the scheduled airline market.

by Respicio A. Espirito Santo Jr.

This contribution discusses the conception of gradually establishing a Common Aviation Area in South America (CASA) based on a multilateral open skies approach, such as a much revised and modernized version of the Fortaleza Agreement.

This conference report gives a short impression on the thirteenth Dr. Albert Plesman Memorial Lecture that was held last December at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands.

by Eelco Watzema
Our editor Eelco Watzema traveled all the way to Jakarta, Indonesia to explore the current state and future plans of Indonesia’s most important airport and one of the world’s fastest growing airport.
Former board member of Aerius and new editor of Aerlines Neil Gouw introduces himself in this Graduate.
by Roger Cannegieter
This article provides a short overview of the history of the former French Caribbean airlines and the formation of the ‘new’ Air Caraïbes as the main airline of the French Caribbean islands. It also pays attention to the aircraft and route network of Air Caraïbes.

by Floris Boesveldt
This review discusses the 2nd edition of Stephen Holloway’s comprehensive book on practical airline economics.
by Jasper Spruit
In his book Airline Marketing and Management, Stephen Shaw gives a very insightful look on airline marketing. Using many case studies and examples from the industry, he emphasizes the importance and the use of airline marketing.
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