Book Review: “Flight Simulations, Virtual Environments in Aviation”

Niels ten Berge provides his opinion about this ‘easy-to-read’ book for anyone who is interested in flight simulators from a technology point of view, to the human-factor perspective. The author opened the gate to the wonderful world of flight simulators.



Air Transport in the Mercosur

This contribution concludes that there is no legitimate aeronautical integration within the Mercosur region, since in the existing air agreements the liberal measures lack of effectiveness and depend on the unanimous decision of the representatives of the involved states. The states should adopt a Common Politics with the purpose of giving wings to Mercosur.

Download article here.

Conference Report: World Low Cost Airlines Conference

Aerlines attended the European edition of the the “World Low Cost Airlines Congress”, held in a far from ‘no-frills’ venue in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Book Review: “a Cognitive Approach to Situation Awareness”

Safe flying has a lot to do with the actual people involved. Their awareness of the situation, of course specifically during potential hazardous situations, is quite important. This Ashgate book discusses the psychological perspective of Situational Awareness.

Download article here.

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