Other positions

Vacancy: Web Manager
– 4 hours per week, voluntary engagement-

The web manager is responsible for developing and maintaining our online domain:http://www.aerlines.nl (aerius.nl/aerlinesmagazine.com). Responsibilities include:

– Managing and maintaining the existing CMS infrastructure.
– Developing new community tools/plug-ins.
– Improving site’s accessibility and ‘look and feel’
– Thinking out new (electronic) means of serving our readers.

Requirements: Good English language skills. Based in the Netherlands. Knowledge of PHP, MySQL, internet marketing and online communities.

Aerlines Magazine is a non-profit internet journal on air transport matters, with a broad target readership of both academic and business backgrounds. Among our readers are students, researchers in aviation from universities and senior managers in the aviation industry.

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is home base, however Aerlines Magazine is read around the world. Aerius – the association for students and professionals in aviation – gave the kick-off in 1994 for Aerlines as a hardcopy magazine distributing to a select readership. Ever since Aerlines has grown; going online in June 2003 speeded up the process of making the magazine accessible for a truly international readership. Nowadays Aerlines.nl receives over 600.000 page views and 60.000 unique visitors a year. Aerlines Magazine is distributed amongst 10.000 recipients worldwide.

Articles published in Aerlines report rather on implications of research conducted instead of the research process itself. Aerlines aims to provide a platform where all aviation students and young professionals can meet, discuss, apply their skills and share knowledge as well as familiarising with topics written by experts in the industry on a voluntary basis.

Contact: If you are interested, send a short bio to Daan de Jong (Chairman AMF) at daan.dejong@aerlines.nl

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