Editorial Review Board

Members of the international Editorial Review Board of Aerlines Magazine assess whether submitted articles are suitable for publication or whether authors are advised to revise their paper. This board currently consists of the following persons:
Dr. Pablo Mendes de Leon
Dr. Pablo Mendes de Leon studied from 1974 to 1979 at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, upon which he continued to study at the University of Paris 2, during which period he followed a training programme at the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Paris. Subsequently, he worked for the EC Delegation at the United Nations in New York. In 1981, Dr. Mendes de Leon started his professional career at the Law firm Barents and Krans in The Hague, where he practised European Community Law, company law and bankruptcy law. In 1985, he commenced to work for Leiden University, where he obtained his doctoral (PhD) degree (with honours) on 1992 on a thesis called "Cabotage in International Air Transport Regulation". In addition to his teaching functions, he acted as Director of the International Institute of Air and Space Law, which was formally established in 1986. In this capacity, he organised a number of world-wide conferences on topical developments in international aviation and space law. A list of conferences can be found by clicking here. Next to academic research as a Meijers fellow, Mr Mendes de Leon carries out studies for third parties (as to which see Research, under Air law research). Since 2003, Dr. Mendes de Leon is Director of Air Law Research of the International Institute of Air and Space law, and lectures private international air law and competition law in the LL.M. programme of the Institute. Moreover, he is a speaker at conferences on international aviation developments.
Dr. Angela Cheng-Jui Lu
Angela-LuDr. Angela Cheng-Jui Lu received a Master's degree from the Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University, Canada and a Ph.D. from Leiden University, the International Institute of Air and Space Law, in the Netherlands. Her research focused on various issues including air carrier liability, international aviation regulation and policy issues, bilateral and open skies air service agreements, aviation security, passenger rights, computer reservation systems, US antitrust law and EC competition law and merger regulations. She is the author of International Airline Alliances: EC Competition Law/US Antitrust Law and International Air Transport and has published various articles in different international journals. She also serves as a member of editorial board of the World Review of Intermodal Transport Research. Currently, Angela Cheng-Jui Lu is employed by the US Postal Service as an Alliances and Partnerships Manager and manages legal and contractual issues related to strategic alliances.
Dr. Frank Witlox
frank_witloxDr. Frank Witlox holds a Ph.D. in Urban Planning (Eindhoven University of Technology), a Master’s Degree in Applied Economics and a Master’s Degree in Maritime Sciences (both University of Antwerp). Currently, he is Professor of Economic Geography at the Department of Geography of the Ghent University. He teaches among others Social and Economic Geography, Transport Geography, Urban Geography, Spatial Modeling Techniques, Geography of the World Economy, and Maritime Economic Geography. He is also a senior researcher at the Department of Transport and Regional Economics of the University of Antwerp, a visiting professor at ITMMA (Institute of Transport and Maritime Management Antwerp), a part-time Professor of Transport Policy at the Hasselt University, and a research member of GaWC (Globalization and World Cities, Loughborough University). His research focuses on transport economics and geography, economic geography, spatial modeling techniques, logistics, world cities and globalization, and urban planning. Contact Frank at frank.witlox@aerlines.nl.
Lomme Devriendt
Lomme_DevriendtLomme Devriendt received his master’s degree in Geography and Land Survey in 2005 from the Geography Department of Ghent University (Belgium). Now, Lomme is working as a PhD student at the same department. His research focuses on the spatiality of infrastructural networks that connect key cities in the global economy. In 2005, Lomme became a research member of the GaWC (Globalization and World Cities) Study Group and Network of Loughborough University (UK). He works on the GaWC research project entitled ‘quantifying the world city network: an advanced exploratory research to further specify, measure and analyse the relationship between world cities and contemporary globalization’ which is based on airline data. Recently, he gets a postgraduate bursary of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research (Aspirant FWO-Vlaanderen). Lomme is also a member of the editorial board of AGORA, a magazine for social-spatial matters. Contact Lomme at lomme.devriendt@ugent.be.
Dr. Hans Heerkens
Hans_HeerkensDr. Hans Heerkens is an assistant professor at the School of Management and Governance of the University of Twente. He holds a BSc in Public Administration from the University of Twente. His Ph.D thesis was entitled "Modeling importance assessment processes in non-routine decision problems." Scientific interests 1: Decision processes. Decision makers judge alternatives by their relevant attributes. How do these actors assess the importance of attributes? Can importance assessment processes be improved so that their quality or acceptance increases? How do designers make importance assessments, and do experienced designers differ from their inexperienced colleagues in this respect? 2: The aerospace industry. How are aircraft used by organizations for achieving their goals? Technical attributes of aircraft and organizational and policy variables interact with each other. Issues of special interest are aircraft design and acquisition choices, strategic alliances between airlines and between manufacturers, and government aerospace policy. 3: Methodology of research and problem solving. Hans teaches on these subjects for several postgraduate institutions.
Dr. Blaise Phillip Waguespack
waguespackDr. Blaise Phillip Waguespack is the MBA Program Coordinator for the College of Business and Professor of Marketing at the Daytona Beach Campus of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University. Professor Waguespack earned a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of North Texas with his research interests in the areas of service quality and marketing strategy in the aviation and aerospace industries. He co-authored a chapter in Handbook of Airline Strategy and has publications appearing in journals such as the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, Journal of Transportation Management, Journal of Air Transportation World Wide, Journal of Air Transport Management and other international and national conference proceedings. Dr. Waguespack is a past president of the Atlantic Marketing Association and the aviation firms he has worked with include AlliedSignal, Bombardier Aerospace, Continental Airlines, TWA, and UAL.
Dr. Steve Swidler Steve Swidler
Steve_SwidlerDr. Steve Swidler is the J. Stanley Mackin Professor of Finance. Prior to joining the faculty at Auburn, Professor Swidler taught at the University of Texas at Arlington, Southern Methodist University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Rice University. He has also had summer appointments at Victoria University in New Zealand and the Oslo School of Business. In addition to his academic experience, Dr. Swidler has worked at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and at Lexecon, an economic consulting group. Professor Swidler obtained his undergraduate degree from Oberlin College and received his Ph.D. in Economics from Brown University. His teaching and research interests include security analysis, financial engineering and risk management, and he has published in a number of international journals including the Journal of Air Transport Management, the Journal of Finance and the International Review of Financial Analysis.
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