Our principles



Aerlines Magazine relies on guest authors who contribute articles. We therefore wholeheartedly welcome contributions from students (those who just have finished their thesis), academic researchers, professionals in the private sector, and others who are interested in making a contribution to the knowledge on aviation.
Authors who are interested in writing for Aerlines Magazine are advised to read the Guidelines for Authors, which is available for download on Aerlines.nl. Only articles that are in compliance with Aerlines Magazine’s profile (accessible, relevant and of added value to the magazine) and with the aforementioned Guidelines will be admitted to the assessment process for publication.


An article will be published in Aerlines Magazine if it is deemed relevant and accessible
Relevance of an article will primarily be determined by its topic and by the way this topic is covered or presented. Relevance is not determined by an article’s level of expertise, i.e. whether the article’s topic is very specialist, but it is rather determined by the added value of the article and by how the author manages to present his/her ideas, research and analysis in such a way that these can be of interest to a broad range of readers. An article has added value if it adds something new to the existing knowledge on aviation. This may include new knowledge, new insights, or new views on any topic within the aviation industry.
Accessibility of an article is determined by the soundness of the arguments, the use of language, as well as by the assumed prior knowledge among its readers. It is not determined by linguistic issues, such as command of the English language, although articles that require excessive editing will not be published.


Aerlines Magazine has the following selection criteria:
• Articles already published in other magazines will not be published in Aerlines Magazine, unless:
o Aerlines Magazine is given permission (in writing) to publish the article;
o The article must have an added value, and it must be of interest to Aerlines Magazine’s target audience;
o The article would not have been accessible Aerlines Magazine’s target audience.
• Articles should somehow lead to new knowledge or to a new point of view;
• Conclusions should be based on scientific, valid arguments, and must be supported by facts;
• Articles that, in one way or another, the editorial team finds as threatening, damaging, or insulting to individuals and/or organizations will not be published.


Publication of an article in Aerlines Magazine means that all copyrights to the article will be transferred to Aerlines Magazine (Aerlines Magazine Foundation). Certain exceptions can be made for guest authors. One exception, for example, is when the guest author is not informed about the automatic transfer of copyrights.


Aerlines Magazine has several regular features, though the following list is by no means an exhaustive one:
Popular scientific articles
The majority of articles published in Aerlines Magazine are the popular scientific articles based on the author’s own research.
Book reviews
Aerlines Magazine publishes one preferably two book reviews in each issue. Guest authors are welcome to send in their book reviews. Aerlines Magazine’s book reviews are intended to serve as a first orientation for prospective and potential readers.
Company profile (Airport or Airline of the world)
Every issue will highlight either an airport or an airline. The aim of the article is not just to compile a list of facts on the featured airport or airline, but to take an interesting perspective as well, such as discussing recent developments.
Reports of conventions, expositions, exhibitions, seminars, etc
Aerlines Magazine aims to publish reports on recent conventions, expositions or other events that concern the aviation industry.

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