Book Review Airline Marketing and Management – 7th Edition by Stephen Shaw

Airline-Marketing-Management-7th-ed-9781409401476-195x300This leading textbook on airline marketing offers a review of both the air transport market and the marketing environment, followed by an examination of airline business and marketing strategies. The second part of the book details the wide range of marketing activities, such as product design and management, pricing and revenue management, distribution channels, and selling, advertising and promotional issues.
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Does a Strong Brand Ease the Choice Process of Consumers When it Comes to Choosing a Low-Cost Airline?

Due to the intangibility of the service ‘ flying’, consumers crave for some convenience when choosing an airline. For example, they make use of Internet applications, which enable them to locate the lowest prices (e.g. or read opinions of others (e.g. Consumer associations also present research reports concerning products and services to indicate the best purchases. The desire of consumers for these forms of surrogate information indicates their need for decision convenience. Enhancing decision convenience is very important, since it increases purchase intention (Seiders, et al. 2007).

Airline Marketing Strategy with Spokespersons

by Yen-Heng Chen, Joel Zhengyi Shon and Dun-Ji Chen

Using spokespersons has long been a strategy applied in marketing management. We have seen many success stories in various industries regarding the use of spokespersons, but how does it work in the airline industry? Do spokespersons have a significant effect on the decision-making process of passengers? In this article, we will explore some of the facts about spokespersons in the airline industry.

An investigation of potential brand conflicts between Air France and KLM

By Farhan Abdi

Cranfield student Farhan Abdi has investigated whether brand conflicts exist between the merged carriers Air France and KLM. This article reflects Abdi’ research and presents the findings of the survey that was part of the research. Abdi also provide recommendations in order to reduce any brand conflicts identified.

Book Review: Airline Marketing & Management by Stephen Shaw

By Jasper Spruit

In his book Airline Marketing and Management, Stephen Shaw gives a very insightful look on airline marketing. Using many case studies and examples from the industry, he emphasizes the importance and the use of airline marketing.

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