Become an Associate Editor!

Aerlines Magazine is always looking for people with an interest in the Air Transport sector willing and able to contribute to our voluntary non-profit initiative.

Main tasks & key responsibilities:
Contributing Editors write at least two articles per academic year for publication in Aerlines Magazine according to our editorial standards and guidelines and in consultation with the General Editors.

Required & desired knowledge, skills and experiences:
– At least some interest in the (global) air transport industry;
– Some knowledge of the English language as articles must always be written in the English language;

You are required to be available for this position at least one full academic year.

We strongly applaud people from anywhere in the world to consider this position. Your country of residence does not matter for being a contributing editor.

What is in it for you?
Aerlines is a voluntary non-profit association which means that we do not offer a financial remuneration. However, we do offer you the opportunity to get your articles published at least twice a year and distributed amongst a large and very diverse public consisting of about 8.000-10.000 students, researchers and businessmen in aviation worldwide. Furthermore, we will publish your name on our website where you get your own page as well and we will provide you with a e-mail address.

More information:
If you are interested in this position, you may contact our Editor-in-chief Willem-jan Zondag for more information:

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