Issue 17

President’s Speech

Editor’s Letter

A study to optimize the environmental capacity of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
This paper was presented at the World Conference on Transport Research, July 1998, by the Civil Aviation Department, The Netherlands.

Orlando International Airport
Orlando International Airport is the only gateway to the heart of Florida. Orlando International Airport is one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and environmentally-concerned airports in the nation. It is practically an attraction in itself. Both inside and out, the airport has incorporated the celebrated Florida sunshine and atmosphere into its ultra-modern design.

Hong Kong
Each year, Aerius is organising a study trip. This year, Hong Kong is next, after Florida and Dubai. In Hong Kong Aerius is going to visit some companies and institutions with relation to the Aircraft and Logistic Industry. Hong Kong forms a bridge between China and the rest of the world. The former British territory can now be proud of its new offshore airport at Chek Lap Kok.

Substantially Exceeded – Delay as a Legal Issue
In modern day aviation, as well as in any other period of aviation an unchanged and often recurring factor remains the delay of aircraft. It not only happens to passengers but also to goods or baggage and it accounts for an always repeating discussion between the carrier, the party taking care of the transport, and the injured party.

Toulouse, Capitale Aéronautique
ENAC, with its 50 years may be not as old as NLC (since 1937!) or even NLS (since 1927!) oldest pilot training centre in Europe, but still with half a century there is more than enough reason to celebrate: ENAC 50-ième anniversaire!

The Shannon stop in Dublin – Air Transport Research Group
It was the second time only, that the ATRG-Meeting was organized, but it attracted 106 participants from 17 countries. The theme being air transport in the new millennium: opportunities in competitive markets, was offered was a coherent, high quality series of interesting papers focussing on highly relevant issues such as European air transport policy, Networks and Alliances, Economics and Pricing, Airline financing and performance, Airport management, Airline competitiveness, Deregulation, Air freight and Logistics, etc.

What Terrifies Airlines? Reservation in Name of Van Reijen
Friends and business acquaintances of Hugo van Reijen agree: You do not want this man in front of you at the airport ticket counter. Mr. van Reijen is the perfect airline gadfly: He carries fare tables with him and spends hours searching for loopholes in airline regulations. And he’s not afraid to prove his case. An acquaintance says that when Mr. Van Reijen calls the headquarters of KLM, the carrier that he often flies, executives shudder.

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