Does a Strong Brand Ease the Choice Process of Consumers When it Comes to Choosing a Low-Cost Airline?

Due to the intangibility of the service ‘ flying’, consumers crave for some convenience when choosing an airline. For example, they make use of Internet applications, which enable them to locate the lowest prices (e.g. or read opinions of others (e.g. Consumer associations also present research reports concerning products and services to indicate the best purchases. The desire of consumers for these forms of surrogate information indicates their need for decision convenience. Enhancing decision convenience is very important, since it increases purchase intention (Seiders, et al. 2007).

The Impact of New Type Air Services, i.e. Low Cost Services; on the Transfer Passengers Market in Germany

By Dieter Wilken & Peter Berster

This paper deals with the question of whether or not new services, i.e. low-cost services and intercontinental services that bypass hubs, have any influence on the airline and route choice of passengers. The authors conclude their contribution with an indication about the future role of hub airports on the one side, and of secondary airports on the other side.

Analyzing the Strategies of LCCs and FSCs in Southeast Asia

By Yu-Hern Chang and Chien-Hang Cheng

air-asiaThis paper seeks to analyze the contemporary developing environment of the airline industry in the Southeast Asia. It also discusses and compares the differentiation of their strategies adopted in achieving customer satisfaction. Finally, the paper provides a conceptual framework for airline managers in considering their winning strategies for the next battle in running their airline business.

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The Low Cost Model and Strategies for Taiwanese Airlines

By Cherie Lu, Szu-Yin Liu, and Shue-Ting Shen

hello-kitty-earns-her-wings-taiwanese-airline-launches-2-more-hello-kitty-aircraftThe trend of low-cost carrier operations has travelled from the United States and Europe to Asia. The purpose of this research is to investigate various low-cost strategies that could be applied by Taiwanese airlines to increase their productivity and competitiveness in the market.

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Low-cost Airline Engends Low-Cost Airport

by Jasper Spruit

This spring both the director of Rotterdam Airport (RA) and the director of Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA) discussed the topic “low-cost airlines” in their respective airport magazines. It is interesting to further study the different views on the role of low-cost carriers in the development of these two airports. Economics student from Erasmus University Rotterdam Jasper Spruit about the engender of low-cost airlines on airports.

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