Spatial Concentration in Europe Versus the US: From Gini Analysis to Strategic Assessment

By Dr. Hans Huber

Liberalization of air traffic in both the US and Europe has resulted in distinct patterns of spatial concentration of traffic distribution on each of the continents. This paper aims to account for geopolitically induced differences that can be stressed when comparing traffic distributions across continents. The research findings show important and potentially far-reaching asymmetries between (Western) Europe and the US for most of the geo-political dimensions.

Taxing the US Airline Industry: A Time for Change?

This article reflects a recent report, “The Taxation of Air Transportation” by Ken Button in which he examined the structure of the current regime of taxes, and in particular the distortions they impose on the United States’ market, and at the lack of incentive the system has to ensure that those responsible for infrastructure provision use resources efficiently.

Download article here.

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