Assessing the impacts of Aligning the Conformity Assessment and Certification in EU Aviation Security

This paper aims to provide the outcomes of an impact assessment of the conformity assessment and certification (CAC) of security in the European aviation. The impact assessment conducted was part of a study led by Ecorys on behalf of EC DG Enterprise and Industry. At first, the background of the study is explained and importance of reliability of the overall aviation security system is underlined. Need for economically sound decisions is addressed. Next, specific aspects of the aviation security system are discussed. A distinction is made between continuous and disruptive security. The methodology used for the impact assessment is described and the aviation related results are presented. Finally, conclusions are drawn on the need for aligning the regulations and common recognition of conformity assessment and certification in aviation security in view of the outcomes of the impact assessment conducted.
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Disclaimer: “In accordance with Article II.10.3 of the Framework Contract ENTR/2009/050, any opinions expressed in that SECERCA study are those of the Contractor (i.e. ECORYS) only and do not represent the Commission’s official position”.

Optimal Aircraft Economics

by Dr. Hugo Roos and Bert van Herwijnen

Considering the lessons to be learned from this analysis, it could be stated that the short-term airport policy of only covering costs hurts the airport client; the airline. It should therefore be the airport’s first responsibility to protect its client’s need to attain economies of scale. Prof. Dr. H.B. Roos and Bert van Herwijnen discuss some effects of intensified security and safety procedures on airports and airlines.

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