Column: Hedging Fuel Costs in the Airline Industry

Fuel costs comprise a major portion of operating expenses in the airline industry. For most airlines, it is the second largest expense category behind labor. Thus when oil prices nearly double, as they have between 2004 and 2005, dramatic increases in jet fuel costs can create havoc with an airline’s profitability. Read more…

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The Graduate: Sietse Helder

Sietse Helder is a former board member of Aerius and currently lives in the Alps for his job at Air France / KLM. Since he recently graduated, Aerlines invited him to introduces himself in this Graduate.

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Aerius Lecture:

On May 19th, Aerius hosted an aviation lecture by Mr Onno van den Brink, CEO of Dutch airline This short report reflects the lecture in which the transition of Transavia from a traditional charter airline into a dynamic ‘web enforced airline was the central theme.

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