Substitution Opportunities of High Speed Train for Air Transport

By: Peter Jorritsma

air-rail-substitutionThis paper describes the opportunities for substitution between air travel from Amsterdam Airport and the high-speed train to main destinations in Europe. First, the relevant factors influencing the substitution from airplane to high-speed train are discussed. Second, the present situation and future trends in supply and demand in the railway and air markets are described. Finally, an estimate of the potential substitution in 2020, based on available sources, is presented on the routes Amsterdam-Brussels, Amsterdam-Paris and Amsterdam-London.

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Benefits to Airlines from Using High-Speed Train Services on Routes from a Hub Airport

By Moshe Givoni

ICE_TrainThe air transport industry does not seem to promote the idea of aircraft/train substitution. The airlines in particular do not do so, despite the fact that when rail infrastructure is provided at airports, airlines make use of that infrastructure. This article’s objective is to show that airlines can benefit from mode substitution, provided it is done as air/rail integration.

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