Airlines and Global Warming: All Passenger Flights to be Covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme

by: Conor Linehan

Conor_LinehamUnder a recent European Directive, greenhouse gas emissions from passenger flights are being brought within the EU Emissions Trading Scheme – the EU’s ‘flagship’ climate change measure. It is a wide-ranging proposal covering all flights arriving at or departing from an aerodrome situated in the territory of a Member State. This article will examine the scope of the Directive. Before doing so it will provide a broad overview of the wider EU Emissions Trading Scheme, since it is this structure into which control of aviation sector emissions is being incorporated. The article will then look at those aspects of the new Directive that are of practical import to airlines (including what aviation activities will be covered and the timelines applying to the various lead-in steps). The article will also examine some of the important technical aspects of the regime, such as the methodology for calculating and allocating airline emission allowances to individual airlines. How the measure attempts to address the concerns of the aviation sector will also be looked at. There will then be some concluding analysis and assessment.

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