Development of Airport Regions: Varieties of Institutions in Schiphol and Frankfurt

By Michel van Wijk

1-ehameddfIn the era of globalization, airports are rapidly developing as new economic centers of the cityregion. Despite internationally comparative economic trends and the challenge of urban planning this brings along, the institutional conditions for the actors involved remain rather local. Development agencies are set up for spatial-economic development of the airport region. A closer look at regional development agencies in the cases of Amsterdam (Schiphol Area Development Company) and Frankfurt (Rhein-Main Verkehrsverbund) illustrates great varieties in institutional systems, and in their impact on planning. Both celebrated their anniversaries recently. What have been the results so far, and how can each learn from the other in order to integrate infrastructure and land supply in planning in the context of changing governance structures in finding a balance between exploiting and protecting the airport area?

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The Impact of New Type Air Services, i.e. Low Cost Services; on the Transfer Passengers Market in Germany

By Dieter Wilken & Peter Berster

This paper deals with the question of whether or not new services, i.e. low-cost services and intercontinental services that bypass hubs, have any influence on the airline and route choice of passengers. The authors conclude their contribution with an indication about the future role of hub airports on the one side, and of secondary airports on the other side.

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