International Business Travel in the Global Economy

international_business_travelEdited by Jonathan Beaverstock, Ben Derudder, James Faulconbridge, Frank Witlox (eds)

Business travel receives relatively little attention both in scientific literature and in the media, and when it does get attention, it is mostly negative. Often, it is seen as a costly toy for the rich and famous. This book gives travel for business purposes the attention it deserves, and it paints a balanced, multifaceted picture of it.

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Book Review: Airline Network Development in Europe

By Prof. Dr. Frank Witlox

This book explores what the consequences of a deregulated EU air transport market are for airline network development and airport planning. The book analyzes changes in airline route reconfigurations, changes in airport hierarchy and individual airport network quality, and changes in strategic airport capacity planning. The book provides airports with information on how to deal with increased uncertainty as a result from changing airline network behavior.

Introducing a New and Exciting Global Airline Database: ’MIDT’

By Lomme Devriendt, Ben Derudder and Frank Witlox

The authors of this contribution introduce the Marketing Information Data Transfer’. The MIDT is an almost untapped data source which contains information on the airline connections of more than half a billion passengers for the year of 2001. A preliminary analysis of the data reveals and confirms interesting connection patterns.

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