Editor's Letter Issue 17

Dear Reader,

We proudly present you the latest issue of Aerlines on line. From now on Aerlines on line will appear within a few weeks after our hard copy issue. As you will notice, this on line version is in full colours. It took us quite some time and effort to edit and make this issue, of which we hope it will comply with your high expectations. We reserved a great part of this issue for a contribution by the RLD (the Civil Aviation Department of the Netherlands) on the environmental capacity at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and ways to increase it; a topic very much discussed in the last few years and still being discussed nowadays. We are convinced that the publication of this article might be interesting reading in anticipation of the lecture by one of the authors Mr. Jan Veldhuis.

Much of what we publish makes me think of own experiences while travelling. For instance, our article “Substantially Exceeded” on the liability in case of delays reminded me of what occurred last year on a trip to Aruba. On the way back, we sat for nearly five hours in the aircraft. After many departure attempts, we finally heard that because of a defective engine we would not be able to take off to Amsterdam. Even though I felt frustrated at that moment, I have to say that the airline reacted in a very accurate and friendly way, giving the passengers the feeling they were taken serious as human beings. I stayed in a wonderful hotel. There were no complaints, simply because the employees realized that the airline business is a human business. Last Christmas, when I went back to Aruba again, regretfully the same airline performed poorly. Although I understand that an airline wants to make as much money as possible, I cannot understand that upon my request one day before departure, the carrier said it would charge me twice the fare if I wished to catch a direct non-stop flight instead of the connecting flights I was booked on. At last, the airline refused to change my flight without charging double the fare, the direct flight left with plenty of empty seats and I made two stops and travelled six hour extra to reach my destination. (I had not heard Mr van Reijen’s story yet!) Copyright regulations prevent us to publish this article on line.

Finally, I wish to extend an invitation to send in your contribution to our Aerlines. We believe that you can help us broaden our coverage on different aviation themes. Whether you are a student or a professional, you will most probably have a story to tell us. Let’s keep the Aerlines a people’s business.

I wish you much reading pleasure.


Hubert Croes
General Editor

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