Locked-in Logistics (PhD thesis)

By Dr. Pim Warffemius

This paper is about the agglomeration effect of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and its implications for location policy regarding the airport region. We focus on a specific case, namely the important concentration of European Distribution Centers (EDCs) around the airport. The traditional answer to the question why EDCs are attracted to the airport is due to the importance of having air transport services at their disposal. However, we show that this is only a partial answer and that economies of agglomeration are the most important determinants. Moreover, we show that the spatial economic development of the airport area needs to be accompanied by new insights concerning location policy.

This article is part of the collaboration between Aerlines Magazine and the Dutch Ministry for Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment (VROM). 

Using Analytic Hierarchy Process for Analysis and Choice of Brazilian Cargo Airlines

By Miguelangelo Geimba de Lima et. al

The authors of this paper present a methodology for analysis of relevant criteria and the choice of domestic cargo airlines. They believe that the results of this work will be directly useful to airports, cargo terminals, air freight forwarders, highway transport companies, and airlines.

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