Course: Air Transport Management @ Loughborough University, UK

The Air Transport Management programme began in 2000, guided by airlines and airports and built upon the expertise gained from running IATA courses and a Masters Degree in Airport Planning and Management for 30 years.

The course prepares students for a career in the air transport business, particularly airports and airlines. Students run their own airline through a computer simulation and study aviation safety, airport policy, planning and design, environmental impact and airline marketing and management. An industrial placement year is offered between Part B and Part C, to provide the student with practical first hand experience of the industry.

The degree also provides essential core transferable management skills such as information technology, economics, statistics, oral, written and verbal presentation skills.

The high academic standards on the programme demand hard work from students prepared to apply themselves to study a range of disciplines. A multimodal approach is taken because it is deemed crucial for students to recognise that Air Transport functions within the wider context of the transport system and its operation.

Self motivation to study, a willingness to work in syndicate teams and an aptitude to execute work of a high standard are essential characteristics for potential students to possess.

The programme covers the principles of aviation and airports with management and economics options from the Transport Management and Planning programme. Air-specific modules include Introduction to Air Transport, Aviation Infrastructure Design and Operation, Airline Planning and Operations, Airline Marketing and Management, Aviation Safety, Airport Policy and Management. In addition your Final Year Project will be on an air-related topic. Click here for more information.

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