Fast Forward Project

This presentation about the Fast forward project was held late last year at the AMconference hosted by the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


The 13th Air Transport Research Society world conference

The 13th Air Transport Research Society world conference

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This event has a well deserved reputation for providing networking opportunities for aviation researchers from across the world in all spheres of interest. We appreciate that you will share your knowledge with us at a time when aviation is emerging as one of our most important economic sectors.

Air Transportation – A Management Perspective by Jonh G. Wensveen

Text books about civil aviation and air transport are published rather frequently. John G. Wensveen has added a volume that is comprehensive and provides readers with valuable expert view of today’s air transport industry, although a little focus remains recommended.

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Strategic management in aviation – Critical Essays by Thomas C. Lawton

Strategic aviation management is contested terrain, fought over by academics from several disciplines and populated by ‘gurus’ peddling the latest ‘quick fix’. Lawton has adopted the most popular; some would argue the most practical, of available perspectives on the field for use as a framework within which to bring together 28 previously published articles

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Book Review: Designing & Executing Strategy in Aviation Management by Triant Flouris and Sharon Oswald

Aviation can be considered as one of the most complex industries of all, not just from a technological, but also from a managerial point of view. Today’s aviation managers are facing tough managerial and strategic challenges. From this perspective, the authors of this book deserve praise for their effort to publish a book on the design and execution of strategy in an aviation environment.

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The Graduate: Jasper Spruit MSc

The Graduate: Jasper Spruit MSc

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The Graduate: Peter Oosterbeek


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