Evaluation of a PRM/SOIA Approach Procedure at São Paulo International Airport

By Carlos Müller, Rafael Fraga and Cláudio Jorge Pinto Alves

PRM/SOIA (Precision Runway Monitor/Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approach), first implemented at San Francisco International Airport in 2004, is an approach  procedure that can be specifically designed to allow simultaneous approaches at runway systems spaced as close as 750 feet. Once implemented it is expected to increase airport runway capacity and hence contribute to the mitigation of congestions that arise with air traffic growth. Sao Paulo International Airport runway system is composed of two parallel runways about 1,230 feet apart, and so is unable to handle simultaneous approaches with the current traditional approach procedures. This paper using computer simulation (RAMS Plus#) addresses the potential impact of the use of a PRM/SOIA approach procedure at São Paulo International Airport (GRU). The results obtained so far indicate potential reductions of 51% in total airborne flight delays with about 18% increase in arrivals capacity at the airport.

Please download article here.

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