Systematizing Routing Options in a Global Air Cargo Network Model

airline_networkBy Florian M. Heinitz* and Peter A. Meincke

This article reports on advances in building an air cargo network routing software. This software module is an integral component of a multi-level air cargo supply-demand interaction model. The model is aimed at analyzing and forecasting airborne commodity flows on a global scale. Having an exhaustive overlook of the routing options is essential for assigning airfreight in networks as close to reality as possible. Our modeling deals with cargo “alliances” and sub-networks defined by interlining agreements. In the absence of publicly available data, we develop a route typology, as well as a methodology for subsequent choice set formation. Itinerary level observations and preference data act as yardsticks for this exercise. We demonstrate how to address the relevant spatial-temporal routing options for cargo within a maximum range of adjustment strategies, while keeping computational complexity manageable.

* Corresponding Author

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