The Quality of Life in Airport Regions – How to Sustain a Good Marriage

By Olaf van Tol

All the larger European airports are situated in densely populated metropolitan areas. Obviously, airports affect their surrounding regions – both in a negative and in a positive way. Apart from the most obvious negative impacts such as noise, safety concerns and health-related issues, an airport’s positive aspects are often less known to the general public. This is not likely to change in the coming years. In today’s market, the contribution of airports to national and regional economies calls for more support for growth in the civil aviation sector.

ATOS 2010: key-note announcement

The Local Committee of the ATOS 2010 conference to be held at the Technical University Delft (TU Delft) presents with proud the following key-note speakers for the ATOS 2010 symposium.

– John-Paul Clarke, Associate Professor in the School of Aerospace Engineering and the Director of the Air Transportation Laboratory (ATL) at the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech);

– John Hsu, Senior Manager of the Systems Engineering Department of the Boeing Company

– Peter de Swert, Executive Vice President Operations of KLM Engineering & Maintenance

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