Book Review: Managing the Skies – Public Policy, Organization and Financing of Air Traffic Management

A book review by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

managing_the_skiesThis book, authored by two distinguished experts on the subject of air traffic management and finance and economics respectively, reflects a balanced blend of professional experience and academic research. This fusion serves the reader well in obtaining a thorough understanding of air traffic management in the introduction to the book, which acts as an enabler towards understanding a wide spectrum of air traffic systems and their complex technical aspects, which are explained in clear, unpretentious and eminently comprehensible language.

Book Review: Aviation and Tourism – Implications for Leisure Travel

aviation_tourismA book review by Lomme Devriendt

As the characteristics and needs of leisure travelers differ so much from those of business travelers, a separate consideration of the relationships between the aviation and tourism market is required if a detailed understanding of the leisure-driven air travel market is to be gained. No less than 26 distinguished experts in the domain of aviation and tourism were invited by Anne Graham, Andreas Papatheodorou, and Peter Forsyth to contribute to this intriguing theme in the book ‘Aviation and Tourism’.

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