2.3 Procedure of Assessment

Articles that are in compliance with these guidelines, and that are relevant and of added value to the magazine will be accepted for publication. After an article has been delivered to one of the editors, the article will be assessed on its chances for immediate publication. Assessment will be done anonymously. The editorial team aims to inform the author about the assessment within four weeks after receiving the article. The editorial team uses a six-point scale for its assessments:
(1) article is ready for immediate publication;
(2) article is publishable after minor adjustments;
(3) article is publishable after major adjustments;
(4) article needs to be revised by author, and then re-assessed;
(5) article cannot be published (rejection);
(6) article is not relevant for Aerlines Magazine, but maybe relevant for another magazine.
In cases 2, 3 and 4, the author will be asked to revise his article with the help of the editor that was assigned to him. The author sends in his new version and mentions what has changed in the new version compared to the old version – either through ‘track changes’ in Word or in an email. The new version will then be re-assessed.

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