2.1 Guest Authors

Aerlines Magazine’s readership consists of Aerlines’ members, business contacts, academic contacts, and many students of aviation around the world. In total, almost 10,000 people receive Aerlines in their inbox. Over 50,000 people per month visit the Aerlines Magazine website.

As Aerlines Magazine relies on guest authors who contribute articles, we invite students (those who just have finished their thesis), academic researchers, professionals in the private sector, and others who are interested in making a contribution to the knowledge on aviation to send in articles.

Keep in mind that the potential audience is very large and very diverse. We advise guest authors to keep their articles concise and straightforward – a short and clear research question, research results, conclusions, and the practical application of the research. Methodology and theoretical exposition are preferably excluded from the article.
Only articles that are in compliance with Aerlines Magazine’s profile (accessible, relevant and of added value to the magazine) and with the aforementioned Guidelines will be admitted to the assessment process for publication. However, the editorial team reserves the right to refuse any article without further notice.

Guest authors should be reminded that, although Aerlines Magazine is a not-for-profit organization, the publication process requires a lot of planning, and that the editors work on a voluntary basis. This means that the editors will make agreements and set deadlines with guest authors in order to be able to plan each issue. Guest authors should be encouraged to keep the editor that was assigned to them up-to-date with the current status of their article. Guest authors should be reminded that failing to meet agreements or deadlines on repeated occasions may jeopardize future collaborations with them.

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