1.4 Features in Aerlines Magazine

Aerlines Magazine has several regular features, though the following list is by no means an exhaustive one:

  • Popular scientific articles
  • The majority of articles published in Aerlines Magazine are the popular scientific articles based on the author’s own research.
  • Book reviews
  • Aerlines Magazine publishes one preferably two book reviews in each issue. Guest authors are welcome to send in their book reviews. Aerlines Magazine’s book reviews are intended to serve as a first orientation for prospective and potential readers.
  • Guest reviewers are advised to contact the book review coordinator on the editorial team before submitting a review or before reading a book for review. This will prevent parallel reviewing. Aerlines Magazines welcomes reviews of books that have not already been reviewed in the past, and of books whose topic has not yet been part of the Aerlines range of topics.
  • Company profile (Airport or Airline of the world)
  • Every issue will highlight either an airport or an airline. The aim of the article is not just to compile a list of facts on the featured airport or airline, but to take an interesting perspective as well, such as discussing recent developments.
  • Reports of conventions, expositions, exhibitions, seminars, etc
  • Anyone who will visit or has visited a convention, expo, exhibition or seminar on aviation and wishes to write a report about it is welcome to do so. However, since the period of time between the end of the event and publication of the report should preferably as short as possible, the editorial team must be notified well in advance if such a report is in the pipeline in order to accommodate for the report. This also means that the editorial team will be stricter regarding any agreements made for publication of such a report.

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