Blog: Maes Awyr Hwlffordd

By Willem-Jan Zondag

Last Month, I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Maes Awyr Hwlffordd (Welsh for Haverfordwest Airport), located in the picturesque county of Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. The airport was first established in 1943 by the UK MoD. Nowadays, the airport primarily accommodates business and private aircraft movements as well as training and some other commercial and engineering services.

Haverfordwest Airport has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The aerodrome has a small central building where the ‘Propellers Café’ is located. This terminal is not fully dedicated to aviation related services as the local Driving Examiners for the town is located in the terminal building. 

Next to the terminal is the control tower overseeing the tarmac and runways. There are two operational runways at the airfield, which are in good condition (there is a third disused runway but this is used for aircraft parking and helicopter take-offs and landings), the main runway, 03/21, is orientated in a north east – south west direction and is 1,269m long.. This length is suitable to enable a range of aircraft types to operate from the runway, up to around 50 seat aircraft, such as the ATR – 42. The airport does not have an ILS. Over the last few years, movements per year have been around 7,000 – 8,000.

The airport owner, the Pembrokeshire County Council has recently formulated a master plan to develop the airfield into an important airport for south west Wales: “In the longer term, the council recognises that commencement of scheduled operations is desirable but only after appropriate development of infrastructure and careful assessment of demand and potential public support”.

We also went to the headquarters of HeliCharter Wales on the other side of the control tower. Its founder and managing director Mrs Alison Belton very enthusiastically told us about the ins and outs of the business that she commenced just two years ago. 

HCW operates Bell Jet Ranger 206B Helicopters for several purposes including corporate charter, pleasure flights, aerial filming and even cargo flights. Although Mrs Belton unfortunately doesn’t fly herself, she shows a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit by offering Wales a unique, very fast, flexible and reliable transportation modality. Time-constrained businesses and businessmen may effectively by-pass road congestions and spent time much more efficient – as long as the efficient savings at least meet or exceed the HCW quotation that is based on 500,- Pound Sterling + VAT per hour. 

Mrs Alison Belton, founder and director of HCW

We were glad having scoped-out this relatively small airport, its four hangars, the control tower and Alison Belton’s HeliCharter service – and of course, the chips being served in the Propellers Café…

More info on Haverfordwest Airport 

More info on Heli Charter Wales

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