Carlisle, UK: Open Air(port) Museum?

Last weekend I had the opportunity to get off campus in Cranfield and visit the Lake District in the north of England. The beauty of the nature up there was really stunning. Mountains (some might say hills, but I am Dutch you see), lakes and woods. A good tourist attraction was the Pencil Museum in Keswick. All very worthwhile.

Then on Saturday we (no, I was not alone) read an article in the local newspaper about Carlisle Airport. Some millionaire had bought it and had great plans for it. Flights to London, and the Netherlands with larger aircraft (737). So after our visit to Hadrians Wall we drove to Carlisle, which is the capitol of the County, Cumbria.

Nearing the airport we could see a couple of houses up for sale (just in case?). Driving towards the “Terminal Building” there was an AVRO Vulcan standing there to be admired by visitors and birds seeking housing. Indeed there was a terminal building, and the departure lounge was preserved (as you can see on photo of lounge).

How wonderful, picture perfect to put in a book on last centuries departure interiors. Three check in counters, places to sit back and read the flyers from the flyer rack. It does become evident that there are no real big commercial flights from here, unless you want to have people waiting outside.

Well across the departure lounge is of course the cafeteria, a little fancier than the one at Cranfield Airport, but still the air of a flight club perhaps. The chips are nice and crunchy. So another reason to go to Carlisle Airport.

So if you are touring around in Cumbria, this might be a worthwhile stop…at least until they are serious aboout developing the site further!

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