From Past to Present: 1994 – 1995

Aerius was founded on June 16th 1994 by Jeroen Graafland and Erwin Krijger. Bastiaan Geurts, Reinier Evers, and Alex Kuhlman soon joined them. In the beginning of 1995, the young association welcomed its first business member: Chartair (nowadays called Panalpina) Mr. J. Busscher, CEO at Chartair, was thefirst to sign an agreement with Aerius. Mr. Aris, CEO of TMI ROAD Air and Mr.Heldeweg of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol soon followed him.

On 22 February 1995, the first official issue of Aerlines was published. The monthly reports of January and February 1995 say: “Compared to the pilot issuemuch has changed. The size has grown to A4, from now on, the text will appearin English. For the first time we included advertisements, we started a numberof columns to be continued in the next issues and the activities agenda of otherassociations has been included (VSV Leonardo da Vinci and Euroavia).” Thereport goes on saying that the board received many positive reactions. “Peoplewere astonished because such a young association like Aerius already managed topublish such a magazine.”

Already in the early days, social contact has been an important item. On 22 February 1995, Aerius held its second cocktail party at Grand Café ‘Het Badhuis’in Amsterdam. Approximately 90 persons showed up at this ‘very successfulevening’ and received their personal copy of Aerlines issue 1.

In April 1995, Mr. Eelco Bruinsma joined the Aerius board. In the same period,a delegation of the Aerius board visited both Cranfield University as well asWestminster University in England.

The year report further mentions that effective April 1995, Aerius has an ownhomepage on the Internet. However, a lot of thought still had to be done concerningthe contents of the page.

Aerlines issue 2 appeared on 3 May 1995. Again, our members reacted positively.May 1995 was a joyful month for Aerius, as the association welcomed its 100thmember! In the meeting minutes of the board meeting of 11 May 1995 we foundthe following quote: “100th member: We decide to bombard Tom Kok as our 100thmember, however we will not pay further attention to this matter” In the samemonth, a delegation of IFURTA France visited Amsterdam. Aerius prepared aspecial program with visits to Fokker, KLM Cargo, Schiphol, LVB, the Universityof Amsterdam, and the control tower at the airport.On 14 June 1995, Aerius celebrated its first year of existence with a cocktail partyat the Aviodome. We were surprised with a spontaneous tour around the museum by the director Mr. Arno van der Holst.

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