Airport of the World: Lambert St. Louis International Airport

Lambert St. Louis International Airport is the home base for our Airline of the World of this issue. Established in October of 1923, Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is now the 3rd fastest growing airport in the world. Lambert is the 11th busiest airport in the U.S. for aircraft operations and 15th in total passengers. The airport sits on 1,980 acres and currently owns an additional 800 acres through its Noise Mitigation/Land Acquisition Program. Lambert has 83 gates serving 9 major airlines: America West, American, Continental, Delta, Northwest, Southwest, Trans World, United and USAir; as well as 5 commuter airlines, 4 charters, and 9 cargo operators.  In 1994, there were 479,943 aircraft operations, and 23,362,671 passengers passed through Lambert. In May 1995, there were approximately 1,354 daily departing and arriving flights.  Among the major airports in the country, Lambert boasts the 2nd lowest operations and maintenance cost per enplaned passengers at $4.66. The airport has a $4.5 billion economic impact on the St. Louis region. Lambert employs over 19,000 people through airlines, vendors, service companies, and the City of St. Louis. Of the 19,000 employees, 606 are City employees.

Download PDF: 14 – Airport of the World – Lambert St. Louis

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