World Wide Web

World Wide Web

On this page Aerlines will highlight aviation sites on the World Wide Web. Please notice that the URL’s we provide are correct at the time we publish this magazine. The editors cannot be held responsible for any contents of any page, nor for any change in URL.

Aviation News

If you are interested in the latest aviation news, this issue’s highlighted site is ‘Newspage from Individual’. Here you are able to enter your personal preferences. Newspage allows you to select the subjects you are interested in. Enter a login name and password and your preferences, and every time you log in, the site will provide you with the information you selected. Please notice that for many news items a fee will be imposed. Newspage from Individual can be accessed at: Fout! Bladwijzer niet

Select ‘My Newspage’ to enter your preferences.

Aviation Images

Our Aviation Images site of the month is ‘Danno’s Flying Colors.’ This site is maintained by Dan Fernandez. He is based at Tampa Bay. So watch out for the airliners flying in at Tampa International Airport. The site is located at located at and picture quality is very good!! Watch out for the Air Aruba DC-9-30 arriving at Tampa. Or a United Airlines plane in either old or new colourscheme. It is all there; and updated regularly!

Airline Site of the month

This month’s Airline on the Net is ALM Antillean Airlines. ALM is homebased at Curacao in the Netherlands Antilles. The airline flies with a fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-80’s an Dash 8-300’s to destinations in the Caribbean, Venezuela and the USA. The site also provides information about the airline’s main destinations Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. ALM is partner of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and United Airlines. Flights from Miami and Atlanta to the Leeward Islands qualify for the United Mileage Plus Program.

Cheep Airfares

Looking for cheep airfares from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol? We suggest you to take a look at Airfair. The URL is

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