The Graduate: Remco Voogt

The Graduate

1.    Name: Remco Voogt.

2.    Date of Birth: 03 June 1966

3.    Study: Law, University of Amsterdam, (thesis at the University of Leiden).

4.    Graduation date: 31 July 1996.

5.    Thesis: The Legal Role of Slots in Civil Aviation.

6.    Summary of thesis: More and more airports find themselves in a situation in which aircarriers want to schedule more flights than the airport can handle (for whatever reason). In my thesis I looked at those congested airports with infrastructural problems, i.e. not enough runwayspace. The days where the captain only had to announce his arrival for him to be allowed to land seem to be gone. The high demand for slots calls for a system which allocates the existing infrastructure to the number of flights on the basis of certain criteria. These criteria can vary from a system of first come first serve, a buy and sell-system or anything in between. However a choice for certain criteria for slotallocation on a operational level requires a study of the economical and legal ramifications of the options available. After a servay of the existing rules and regulations with regards to slotallocation both in the US and in the EC, I looked at some legal aspects which play a important role in (the implementation of) a slotallocationsystem such as ownership and other rights pertaining to slots. Giving a slot to someone entails taking it away from someone else. Are there legal grounds for a carrier to claim damages if slots are taken away? Dividing slots amongst applicants also means in effect determining who flies and who doesn’t and therefor who makes money and who doesn’t. In short the choice of slotallocationsystem will determine the future of civil aviation and needs a lot more in-depth study than is being done at the moment.

7.    Your relationship with Aerius: I made an effort to attend as many functions as possible, (not only because of the cheap beer). I went on studytrips to London and Berlin and helped organise the one to Florida. I was also a member of the conference committee which organised the Conference on Civil Aviation in the Modern World.

8.    Your internship: Never did one, (aren’t too many around for lawstudents) but if you get the chance go for it.

9.    Current employer: AA Interfinance B.V. (holding, 100% owned by ABN/Amro, with several banks operating in the consumer finance market.).

10.    Since: 26th of May as a temp, and since 1st of September as employee of ABN/Amro.

11.    Function: With two (lady) corporate lawyers we make up the legal department.

12.    Job contents: My job is to make sure that al the legal entities within the holding can operate within the law, (everything covered by corporate law from publishing yearly figures to various licences), make sure we follow the rules and regulations set by the law covering personal financing (Wet op het Consumentenkrediet), co-ordinate legal aspects of fraudinvestigation and last but not least give legal advise to anyone within the holding.

13.    Future (job) wishes: Besides World Peace a pay check large enough so that I can enjoy a beer with friends and travel the earth for the many day’s off you get working for thé Bank. On the other hand, I would also like to work 60 to 70 hours a week for a lawfirm handling any case involving an airline.

14.    Apllication experiences: HANG IN THERE is the main thing; it will happen one fine day. If you feel bad about yourself it shows. Also your letter is your first introduction, get (professional) help (e.g. former students still involved with Aerius) if you get too many negative responses to your letters.

15.    Golden Rule for application: Have an answer prepared for those questions which they always ask and be yourself in answering questions you haven’t prepared for and make sure you tell them everything you think they ought to know about you (you only get one shot!!).

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