Editor's Letter Issue 13

This is the first Issue of Aerlines made by our newly inaugurated editors team. I welcome René Graafland, Mark van Harlingen, Edwin Hengstmengel, Alex Klein and Ivanka Pourier as our new regular contributors. I am sure that they will contribute substantially to your reading pleasure. Working together in a team is much fun and very efficient. As we keep an eye on each other, positive criticism, of course benefits the quality of our magazine.

Two of our new members had the opportunity to interview Mr. Boubby Grin of KLM Cargo. From what I understood, this was a truly exiting interview. It is a pity I could not attend this interview myself. However, I am happy that we can present you a report of this conversation Alex Klein and René Graafland held with Mr. Grin, who recently joined the distinguished Advisory Board.

Further, I invite you to join us in a series about Airport Privatization, a very actual topic discussed by Edwin Hengstmengel. Airports of the World offers you a brief tour around Manchester Airport, that recently has been granted permission to build a second runway.

Interested in Asian Aviation? Hans Adriaanse had the chance to fly to the Far East and to explore the world of Asian civil aviation. Sit back and join him in his journey to Asia. More on Asian aviation can be read in Mark van Harlingen’s ‘Thank you for flying Korean Air’.

Last but not least, I would like to extend an invitation for all of you, to please, keep the pens rolling and send in your personal contribution to Aerlines. I count on you in making Aerlines an even better and more varied magazine. Never mind your English grammar; we will take care of that!

I wish you much reading pleasure.

Best Regards,

Hubert Croes
General Editor Aerlines

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