Editor's Letter Issue 10

In this first 1997 issue Aerlines starts with the new series ‘Airlines of the World’, in which we try to give a profile of the carrier highlighted. In ‘Airports of the World’ we take a look at traffic and route network developments as well as the way in which the airport prepares itself to enter the next millennium. We decided to take a look at our eastern neighbours and chose Lufthansa – the German flag carrier – and its major homebase and hub, and Europe’s second busiest airport Flughafen Frankfurt. Aerlines also starts with the series the Graduate. This is not based on the well known Hollywood film with the music of Simon and Garfunkel, but on dear Aerius members who finished their degree and now have an aviation related job. We are very grateful that they wish to share their personal experiences with our readers. This time ‘Thank You For Flying’ goes Caribbean! Read about and see some views of the region I was born in. I definitely should go back and take a relaxing holiday! Aerlines wishes to thank J.G. de Wit and ‘Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschap’ for their kind collaboration with the article on multi airport systems; a topic often discussed lately and about which many discussions will follow in the near future. So be sure to have the knowledge We also thank Alex Kuhlman for his article on easySabre; the most widely used CRS that is also accessible on the Internet with millions of fares updated minute-by-minute. Read more about the opportunities of Cybersales and Cyberauctions . Interested? Check them out! I wish you much reading pleasure.

Hubert Croes
General Editor Aerlines

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