President's Speech Issue 10

Well, what’s to celebrate in the first issue of 1997; the Aerlines has gone double-digit and as you might have noticed, the quality (digital) has been improved and some new items entered our magazine. In the upcoming issues the editor’s team will work on a further quality improvement, the stimulus for this is not only the continuously increasing number of copies distributed to the studentmembers as well as to our business contacts, but also the supply of interesting articles and beautiful advertisements. For 1997 Aerius will focus more on the members who have just entered ‘the real world’, the graduates. It is not only interesting for us (and for the companies that support Aerius) to see where our members start off, but they also bring us new contacts within aviation related companies. We’re thinking about special activities for these graduates, for example a special cocktail party to bring them back together again at the University. Also on paper we pay a bit more attention to this growing group within our organization. We will therefore, from this issue on, publish a new item called ‘the graduate’. In this issue two members well-known within the Aerius region, namely Deniz Yugnuk and Irma Essers, will take off on their jobs and application experiences. For the future graduates some specific attention will go out to traineeships. On the centre page of this issue you’ll find an ad on the KLM-programme, in the next issue this traineeprogramme as well as that of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be highlighted. We’ll describe the procedures and hear more by interviewing a few trainees who are doing the programme at this moment. We also expect to add a new dimension to STAGAERIUS, namely to acquire not only internships but also full time applications. Just wait and see… Although the developments mentioned above are all true facts, within the aviation world it’s once again humming with numerous rumours. Newspapers mention a possible revival of Fokker, KLM seems to go Spanish, and on the airport side the discussion now focuses on outplacement of charter carriers, a ban on transfer movements and the pros and cons of a future off-shore location. I’ve been told, that within a few months you can even get a money reward if you decide to fly to London. It’s a shame that at the same time another suggestion arises to stop the short distance flights from Amsterdam within Europe. I think I better not go into any of these rumours, I prefer to stick with mere facts. For instance, the preparations of the study trip to Florida are in full progress. The members of the Floco (Florida Commission) are working very hard to attain assignments from companies, on which the participants can work during the trip. Further details in this issue or at the Aerius office. Another nice development (with also more details later-on) is the Aerius/IVVE Library. Thanks to the more than generous Dutch Civil Aviation Authority (RLD), members can now find the major aviation magazines, many well-known books and statistics next to our office at the University. The library also collects theses on aviation, so all of you members who wrote yours within this field, we invite you to add them to our collection. Since I already thanked the RLD for their support, it’s now about time to thank the company members, that so far have decided to support Aerius in 1997: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, ChartAir, the Institute of Transport Economics (IVVE), the NLC and TMI-Road Air.

For now, wherever you go, keep ‘m flying, high and low.
Jeroen A. Graafland

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