Presidents' Speech

As you know, Aerius started in June of 1994. Now, one successful cocktailparty and a pilot issue of Aerlines later, an ever increasing number of members (over 80 at the beginning of February), a huge number of contacts and a clear quality image of Aerius are our share. We cannot but say: it is a success. The successful cocktailparty took place at ‘Het Badhuis’ in Amsterdam where we have found just the right entourage and atmosphere for our meetings. We also noticed that the pilot issue was welcomed with great respect, and even more respect deserves this first issue of Aerlines, that is now before you. The editorial board has put in a tremendous amount of time, and it shows.

A new internal development is the departure of our secretary. Mr. Frank van den Bergh leaves for Austria by the end of February and will stay there for four months. We thank him for his time and commitment and wish him all the best in Austria. We have already found an excellent replacement for him in Mr. Bastiaan Geurts who is a student in European Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Another development is that on the 10th of March 1995 the Advisory Board (AB) will meet for the first time. Their responsibility is to evaluate and asses the functioning of the Aerius board members; they will do this twice a year. The members of this AB will be announced at the ‘February cocktailparty’.

Though the costs of our activities are rising, we still manage to keep on doing what Aerius was founded for: The integration of the aviation industry and the academic world. One way we are able to do so is through the membership of companies in the aviation industry. Chartair carries off the palm in this respect. We would like to thank Mr. Jos Busscher personally for his support, and for his confidence in Aerius. Since then a second company has become a member of Aerius: TMI Transport Management International. We deeply appreciate the support of Mr. Th. Aris. At this stage we would also like to thank Mr. Pieter Rhijnsburger of Transavia Airlines for making it possible to extend our contact network in the UK. Thanks to him and Transavia we were able to fly to London free of charge to attend the conference on Airport Regions (see this issue).

We are also establishing close contacts with ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ and the Dutch department of ‘Euroavia’, studentassociations of the Technical University Delft. Together we represent the entire Dutch student population that sees aviation as its future employment or area of research. In this first issue of Aerlines both associations are introduced.

Our internships with companies also work out well (the latest companies where Aerius members are presently working are TNT and some consultancies, see field reports in this and the next issue), and, as the cocktailparties they are just another means of integrating the aviation world at our particular academic level. Until now, this integration has focused on the Dutch aviation industry. However from now on we will gradually shift to a policy with an European focus.

Rests us nothing but to wish you lots of enjoyable moments reading this first official issue of Aerlines and we express our hope to see you at our cocktailparties or at the Aerius office.

Keep ’em flying (from an ideological point of view as well as from an economical and a rational one).

Erwin R.C. Krijger & Jeroen A. Graafland

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